The “Make-It-Fun Community Web-Dev Thinkubator”

Temple_Grandin_at_TEDTEDTalks. What a great execution of a fabulous concept: give brilliant minds a forum to speak to the world. Recently I watched a talk by Temple Grandin (The world needs all kinds of minds), legendary livestock facility designer, about how to engage the minds and interests of kids on the autism spectrum.  Not only did it make me question where on the spectrum my brain lies (pattern thinker with highly social learned behaviour?), it also inspired me to use my skills in web development, project management, community organizing and idea generation into something to help engage youth into the awesome power gained through knowing how to create a web site.

Elevator Pitch:
The Make-It-Fun Community Web-Dev Thinkubator is a free short-term Summer workshop for marginalized youth with limited access to computer resources to learn how to think about and execute a web project that will benefit their community.

This will be an entry level work shop to teach the skills of brainstorming, forming project goals & requirements, planning, and  non-programming (WordPress) web site creation. The applicant will be required to submit their idea for a website that will benefit their community, of which concepts may or may not be adopted by the workshop as part of the end product.

My goal for this project is to show kids how fun web development is and to have work together to develop a project that will be used in the real world to help their community.

The expectation is that the kids will get to experience and find their strengths within the follow roles:
– Product development
– Social media marketer
– Technical analyst
– Web Developer
– Graphic Design

The next step is to find a home for this project. Following that will be the challenge of finding mentors who will volunteer to share their skills as developers.