Mixed media artist Osheen Harruthoonyan

Osheen Harruthoonyan’s Nocturna Artificialia pays homage to the creative process. Each atmospheric print was created by spending up to 8 hours with a 4” x 5” exposed negative, treating them with an array of tools including paintbrushes, make-up remover pads, q-tips and dental tools. The intimacy of his fingerprints can be found in the chemical spray and scratched surfaces of the darkly lit images. Harruthoonian describes his work as “science and art” and compares his methods to early artists who used different pigments and emulsion to achieve their colour palette. By painting to the photographic medium, he creates a world of detail and curiosity within every print.

Osheen Harruthoonyan

Osheen Harruthoonyan

Inspired by Dutch still life paintings, the subjects of the exhibit are flowers and pomegranates distorted by a post-mortem environment. The black and white photography is printed on gelatin silver and creates a canvas of contrasting textures that give Harruthoonyan a scientific playground to work with. Excitedly describing his alchemist bent, he explains the process of toning the prints with sepia, gold and selenium to alter the natural metallic make-up of the gelatin and emphasize each light range.

Harruthoonyan is represented by Lonsdale Gallery and Nocturna Artificialia is showing until May 30th at 918 Bathurst: Culture, Arts, Media & Education Centre.

More about Osheen: http://osheen.ca/


Stunning new video for Land Of Talk

Land Of Talk - It's Okay video stile

Montreal band Land Of Talk are the latest (lucky) musicians to get to work with Toronto’s multi-media dream-team, We Were Monkeys. The artists, Mihai Wilson and Davide Di Saro, began working together when they collaborated on Malajube‘s Le Crab video. After being nominated for the 2007 MTV People’s Choice Video Award, they knew they were on to something.

Their videos are instantly recognizable animations of dreamlike imagery, rich textures and collages to create stream of conscience works of beauty. Both Davide and Mihai have backgrounds in video production and creative design. Since joining forces they have experimented with new techniques and technologies, mixing 3D rendering, sets and prop construction, photography, illustration and computer animation.

Their most recent work on Land Of Talk‘s It’s Okay is a prime example of their ability to mix mediums and to captivate the viewer. The gray scale video takes us into a dream world where a masked horseman takes over the serene landscape with his endlessly flowing hair. The video itself appears to be separate altogether from the music, other than they compliment the other’s slow pace and beauty.

Enjoy We Were Monkey’s latest video below and be sure to check out their archive on their website